I-O Data unveiled its newest line of portable hard drives, under the HDPC-UT series. The drives are designed with two-tone bodies, in which its two sides have different, somewhat-contrasting colors; and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface.

Japanese company I-O Data unveiled the HDPC-UT line of portable hard drives featuring two-tone bodies, in which the two major sides have dissimilar and somewhat contrasting colors. The drive is initially offered in two color schemes, red + brown and white + gray (silky). 

The drives are available in two capacities, 500 GB and 1 TB. Equipped with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, the drives rely on the interface (a single cable) for both power and connectivity with the host. It is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0, and works with most TVs and other digital devices that support USB mass-storage device standard. The drives are pre-formatted and include Windows installers for the company's Mach Copy software, which works to speed up file-transfers with the drive.

The 500 GB white + silky gray (HDPC-UT500W) and red + brown (HDPC-UT500R) models are priced at 10,500 Japanese Yen (about S $168); while the 1 TB white + silky gray (HDPC-UT1.0W) and red + brown (HDPC-UT1.0R) models go for 15,015 Yen (S $240).