Apple’s brick and mortar stores are already known for their excellent service, and it might be about to get even better with the introduction of iBeacon sensors.


iBeacon is Apple’s location-based positioning system and was introduced along with iOS 7, but the company didn’t exactly reveal how it would be useful back then. Now, according to multiple sources, Apple will be implementing an iBeacon system in its retail stores to offer a more personal and improved shopping experience to visiting customers, and in turn boost sales.

Apple will reportedly start installing iBeacon transmitters in stores in the coming days, on tablets that house the firm’s products – post an upcoming update to the Apple Store iPhone app, these transmitters will allow a customer to walk up to a product and receive a notification on their iPhone with additional information on that particular product.

This additional information will range from basic stuff such as pricing on different models of the device or details about a particular accessory, to notifications about upcoming workshop sessions on products like the Macbook and iPad. Users will need to be running iOS 7 on their phone, and the feature won’t be taking up too much battery life thanks to the use of Bluetooth low energy (LE), with the option to disable it completely if a user so desires.

Select Apple stores will be testing the iBeacon functionality in the coming weeks, but there’s no telling when the service will go into effect publicly. Whenever it does, though, it looks like Apple has found a neat new way to engage those visiting its stores, and it will be interesting to see how Apple uses iBeacon in the future.

Source: AppleInsider