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The DuoSwap is a HDD/SSD drive caddy designed to be installed in a 5.25" bay, allowing the quick interchange of 2.5" and 3.5" drives, allowing them to be used nearly as simply as floppy disks. Although the faceplate is plastic, the frame of the caddy is metallic and quite durable.

The faceplate of the DuoSwap is fairly simple and clean. There are four buttons; the two buttons to the right are being used to eject the drives, while the two buttons on the left are the respective power on buttons for the two devices. Two LEDs indicate the status of either device.

Inside, the construction is simplistic, yet durable. The drives will slide on the metallic frame and lock on the SATA connectors. Anti-vibration material has been installed, in order to partially absorb some of the vibrations coming from the drive's motors. However, the ejection levers (the whole mechanism even) are plastic which, although it feels durable enough, it does not look like it would last forever.

At the back of the frame we can see some ventilation holes and three cable connectors. The DuoSwap is using a single SATA power connector but two SATA cables are required for both drive slots to function properly. As the DuoSwap only serves as a bridge between the drive and a native SATA connection, it will not hamper the performance of any SATA device at all, allowing the drive to reach it maximum potential; or completely fill the bandwidth of the SATA channel.

All typical 3.5" drives will fit into the DuoSwap. When a 3.5" device is installed, 2.5" devices are limited to a height of 9.5mm, slightly more than typical laptop HDD drives. If the 3.5" tray is unoccupied though, the maximum height of the 2.5" is increased to 12.5mm, which includes high capacity 2.5" mechanical drives.


Without a doubt, the DuoSwap is a very simple, easy to use device, which however can be very handy for people who have a lot of disks or for those who frequently need to attach/hot-swap disks to a particular computer. It can even be extremely useful if you have a computer from which you need to remove the main disk from when not in use for, say, security reasons. The possibilities are endless and for about 30 EUR (49 SGD) the retail price is reasonable. The main downside is that this device will take two internal SATA ports in order for both bays to be functional.

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