Anand Chandrasekher, Vice President & General Manager of Intel
Mobile Platform Group sparked off the Day 2 IDF keynote. Dothan is on track to
release in Q2 with over 50 notebook designs. The new Sonoma platform will come
in second half of this year that support 533Mhz FSB Dothan and Alviso chipset.

A demonstration of the Muroc software that has several
enhancements over the current Intel PROSet/Wireless software.


A demonstration of the Florence concept mobile PCs for next
year. Intel has developed three concept mobile PCs, code-named "Florence." The
12-inch model features EMA functionality and converts from a laptop to a tablet
PC, allowing maximum flexibility to balance office and mobile demands. The
15.4-inch model is designed to enhance worker productivity with fingerprint and
smartcard security, built-in array microphones and camera for collaboration, and
EMA functionality. The 17-inch Mobile Entertainment PC allows users to
communicate and be entertained around the home with a wide-screen display in a
sleek, portable design; a wireless Bluetooth keyboard; built-in voice-over-IP
handset and remote control; integrated array microphones and camera; and Intel
High Definition Audio for high-quality sound.


Jeff Richardson, General Manger of Enterprise Platforms &
Services Division talks about Itanium and Xeon platforms.


Interesting technologies such as Silvervale, Foxton, Pellston,
Demand-Base Switching will be available in the Nocona and Montecito processors.
Pellston will have the ability to take bad cache offline to improve cache
reliability. Silvervale Technology acts like Vanderpool Technology of the
desktop but will add hardware
support for virtualization technologies. Foxton will allow a chip to go into a
burst mode to process work faster as long as it doesn’t exceed Intel’s and
user’s thresholds for heat output on the chip. Demand-Base Switching (DBS)
optimize processor speed/power based server workload to conserve power.


A demonstration on how DBS can conserve power up to 20%
average that leads to cost savings.