As is tradition, iFixit performed a thorough teardown of the newly revealed Xbox 360 E gaming console system. Here’s what they found inside.

iFixit Xbox 360 E teardown

At E3 2013, Microsoft introduced a new version of the Xbox 360 console (probably the last ever too). The 2013 Xbox 360 E revision will probably be the final and most advanced iteration of the (now) 8-year-old console. The new Xbox 360 E is visibly smaller, sports a design that is similar to the next-generation Xbox One console and reportedly runs quieter as well.

I don’t know what the guys over at iFixit were expecting but I certainly was hoping for improved cooling, probably a new 28nm revision silicon and increased storage capacity. Sadly, none of them are true. The new Xbox 360 E innards are largely identical to the components found in the last 2010 revision. The biggest differences are mostly aesthetic, some minor components can be found here and there (RF module for instance).

Xbox 360 E internals

iFixit does appreciate the more repairable design of the latest (last) revision and gives it a score of 8/10 (which is really good). Hardly a revolution, this new model is for gamers who can’t afford to purchase the next-generation systems, or if they simply want to enjoy a generation worth of console games that are already available (or they probably can’t be connected online all the time).

Source: iFixit


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