iLunascape Lite

Japanese company Lunascape has launched their web browser for the iPhone (and iPad). Free to download from the Apple App Store, the “iLunascape Lite for iPhone” offers easy one-hand operation as well as various features including screen capture and hiding the address bar for maximized viewing area.

Lunascape has announced their new web browser, “iLunascape Lite for iPhone”, which is available free on the Apple App Store. Supporting iOS 3.0 and higher, the iLunascape Lite for iPhone is developed after the version for the iPad.

The user interface is designed for easy one-hand operation, while the buttons are conveniently located at the bottom of the browser. You can open up to six browser tabs and switch to any one of them smoothly. The address bar can also be hidden in order to maximize the viewing area. iLunascape Lite for iPhone also has support for “Firefox Sync” and is compatible with the PC version of Lunascape (Ver.6.5?) as well as synchronize Firefox bookmarks.

Other features include screen rotation prevention lock, open link in new tab, open new tab or search results, screen capture and deleting cookies and clear web browser cache.

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Here’s a video (in Japanese) on what the iLunascape Lite for iPhone can do:-