It appears that Apple is gradually cutting down iMac supply to major channel partners. This is believed to be an indicator that iMac with Haswell processors are going to be launched soon, reportedly this fall, to be precise.


Retail supply channels are considered to be one of the biggest indicators of an upcoming refresh. Once current models start selling out at major retailers, and don’t get restocked for quite some time, rumors start circulating that Apple might soon launch a refreshed lineup. The company is already expected to launch the refreshed MacBook Pro lineup with Haswell processors next month. It is now believed that soon after that, Apple will follow up the release with the launch of Haswell based iMacs.

A new report points to price cuts on iMacs made by several big retailers. Some retailers have slashed prices on as many as 15 different custom iMac configurations by $150, several of these configurations were previously not being sold for a discount on Apple’s suggested retail price. These configurations used to be available from different retailers, but most of them are out of stock for now and stock hasn’t arrived for several weeks, it is said.

Still, there’s no confirmed launch date for the iMac with Haswell processors. Last year the new iMacs were released around the holiday season. It wouldn’t surprise many if the 2013 iMac lineup was to release around the same time.

Source: AppleInsider