Indian consumers looking to buy Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5s will soon be able to do so without the need to pay any upfront cost.


Reliance, one of India’s leading network operators, has announced plans to sell the iPhone 5c and 5s in what is the country’s first fully-subsidized smartphone deal – interested folks will be able to buy either device on a two-year contract, without paying a single penny in down payment. Both devices will go on sale later today, at around 9 PM in the evening.

The iPhone 5c will be available for Rs. 2,599 per month, while the iPhone 5s will cost Rs. 2,999 (though there will be a down payment on the 32/64GB models). Furthermore, Reliance has also promised that users will enjoy truly unlimited data with their new iPhone, with no fair-usage limits on calls or 3G data, though it’s unclear if the price of the voice/data plan will be included in the per-month cost of the device.

There is one caveat, however – only those with an HDFC or ICICI bank credit card will be able to take advantage of a deal, which might be a considerable roadblock since credit cards are not very common in India. However, for a market where the initial prices of smartphones – especially of the iPhones – have been a huge deterrent, Reliance’s subsidized deal is a great first step that could open the doors to subsidized plans becoming a norm in the world’s third largest smartphone market.

Source: BGR India