If you are a frequent traveller to Indonesia and rely on your BlackBerry handset to communicate with friends/ relatives in Indonesia, you may want to look around for an alternative. More details inside.


Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesia Communication and Information Minister, has threatened to halt BlackBerry service in the country if the Canada-based Research In Motion (RIM) refuses to block adult content.

According to the minister, the banning of pornographic content on the Internet is in line with the country’s anti-pornography law, which was implemented in 2008. RIM is deemed to be violating the law if it did not block adult websites.

The two telecommunication operators, Telkomsel and Excelcomindo, said they will follow the minister’s instruction to stop providing their services to RIM until the company agree to block porn content. 

Sembiring has given a two-week deadline for RIM to do so or its service would be shut down by the government.

Source: The Jakarta Post