InFocus and DisplayLink provide plug-and-play projection for Mac users

Mac users can now easily hook up their machines to DisplayLink-enabled InFocus projectors to project their presentations. The DisplayLink is a display driver that allows  Apple computers to transmit audio and video content over a standard USB connection.

InFocus has recently announced the availability of the InFocus DisplayLink™ support for Mac, a display driver that allows Intel-based Apple computers to transmit audio and video content over a standard USB connection for instant set up with DisplayLink™ enabled InFocus projectors.

By using the DisplayLink™ feature, Mac-based presenters can enjoy “plug and project” convenience by simply connecting a standard USB 2.0 cable to the projector. The InFocus DisplayLink™ Mac driver is immediately detected by the computer and will configure with the DisplayLink™ enabled InFocus projector settings within seconds—resulting in zero set up time and instant screen switching so users can start using the projector instantly. It also provides projection of up to four projectors simultaneously from just one computer. This feature allows users to create video walls, and presentation of multiple contents during meetings, making it ideal for video conferences and collaborative meetings where two or more live broadcasts need to be shown simultaneously.

The InFocus DisplayLink™ Mac Driver enables an all digital connection, doesn’t require any additional InFocus-specific control software, and only needs one small USB cable in place of both an analog PC cable and PC adaptor that projectors typically require for Mac use. Set-up adjustments can also be controlled through the computer’s own video settings. The driver supports connectivity to DisplayLink™ enabled InFocus projectors utilizing Intel-based Apple computers running minimum Apple OS X, Tiger 10.4.11, or Leopard 10.5.5. Supported models include Mac Mini (Intel), iMac (Intel), MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro.

Source: InFocus