InMoov, by French sculptor Gael Langevin, is a project that features a printable 3D robot—further proving that 3D printing can one day change almost all aspects of our lives.

There are a handful of really neat 3D printing projects—well, all of 3D printing is fascinating, but one project in particular is making headlines.  Started in 2012, Gael Langevin has since been working on InMoov, an engineering project for printing a 3D robot.

Initially, the project only had a few parts of the robot, namely the arm and hand, but Langevin has added more parts.  For the new year, he posted a blog saying the shoulder of InMoov was ready to download.  That's right, it's open source.

Though it seems like a hefty do-it-yourself project, it is aimed to be one (or at least it's trying to be one for those with the right tools). Gael has been working on getting the robot to recognize voice commands, too!