Want to hit that sweet 600Mhz core mark with your 6600GT? Give it a little boost with just a pencil then!

The 6600GT AGP is slightly different from the 6600GT PCI Express and as such,
the voltage has to be modded in a different way.

First, measure the default voltage of your 6600GT AGP at the back of the card
from the point indicated:

Place the red tip of your multimeter on the point and the black tip of your
multimeter on any grounded spot and it should read around 1.45v when the PC is

Now flip the card over and focus on the area indicated below:

Look out for resistor A.

Measure the resistance of resistor A, it should read around 420ohms.

To increase the voltage, you can either pencil shade this resistor with a
pencil, or solder on a 10K ohms variable resistor.

Pencil shade this resistor and bringing the resistance of it down from 420
ohms to 370ohms will give a +0.1v increase. Measure resistance before turning on
the pc of course and go down slowly.

You can also solder a 10K ohms variable resistor from one end of resistor A
to the other. Set it at maximum resistance 10K ohms and tune down to increase

Of course, with increase voltage, be sure to improve cooling! Have fun