Let’s start off with our first encounter with the Inno3D 7100GS off the shelves.

The 7100GS comes in a petite package, a cost-saver that is reflected on the price tag. I’ve never been a fan of dressed-and-dolled-up hardware because it’s the engineering and technology which is supposed to go into my PC and not the box. In the g33kland of my dreams, there can never be enough hardware exposure to be considered indecent, and hardware comes in anti-static bags as nudes. 😛

Looking a little closer, we found that the card is RoHS compliant (as all consumer electronic products should be by now), and that PureVideo acceleration is supported.

Skimpy clothing comes off easy, and the same can be said for hardware, so it wasn’t long before we found a few items falling onto the desk: drivers disc, an illustrated installation guide, and a Composite-S Video cable for those who want PC-on-the-TV.