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Inno3D 7100GS Review: Include Pencil Mods!

Now let’s take a closer look at the vital organs on this elf of a graphics card.

3.7 ns memory, on a 64 bit memory bus; Turbo Cache allows up to 512MB of video buffer on this graphics accelerator, by automatically “eating into” the system’s memory headroom.

The 7100GS is based on the NV44 chipset, in B2 revision. Many should be familiar with this chipset back in the GeForce 6200 era, but what surprises will the B2 revision bring?

For one thing, it has come to our notice the small size of the BGA packaging, compared to that of more classic chipsets like the G71 and NV43. Since the core size is comparable to that of conventional 90 nm midrange GPUs, it is safe to assume that the power consumption has dropped in this revision, so less solder balls are needed to pass current to the chipset.

Next, we explore the active cooling adopted by Inno3D. Like conventional Graphics Accelerators, this one sports a heatsink-fan combination.

Some pink thermal goop is provided as thermal interface material.

The base finish isn’t the most impressive, as our “Random Object Reflectivity Tests” has shown. Past experience has shown that a flat base mattered more than a shiny one.

Nice curves. 😛

To our relief, Inno3D’s supplied heatsink-fan base was a flat one, as verified by the trusty workshop rule.

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