The rather simple PCB design at the back of the card. 2 Intersil
Voltage Regulators to run the Core and Memory respectively.

Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 BGA Memory Modules onboard the card. Quite
a worthwhile buy just looking at the Memory, 256MB of these rather high-speed
rated Memory would’ve jacked up the price of the card just a few months ago,
before the 1.4ns Memory became so main-stream and in large production.

The SLI Connector onboard. Some 7300GTs do not come with an
SLI bridge connector as the 7300GT cards are capable of running SLI without the need for
a bridge. Performance difference with and without a bridge will be explored
in the later part of this review.

A very simple package bundle, just the DVI-to-VGA convertor,
the Video Cables, Manual and Driver CD. Nothing too sweet at all, save the fact
that this bare minimum approach by Inno3D drives down the cost for the consumers.