This card spots a unique PCB design. Even though the HSI bridge
chip, which used to convert the natively PCIE nV core to AGP, is at the usual
spot right above the AGP slot area, the core is much further away from the center
fo the PCB, like what is most common on most video cards. It is located to the
right of the PCB, and in close promixmity to the Molex power connector.

The core of our review unit is made in week 35 of 2005, 1 week
newer than the one we spot on our XFX review unit.

The tiny little HSI bridge on the card

This card uses Samsung 1.4ns DDR3 modules for it’s 256MB of
Video memory. According to specs, the memory should be able to run at 700/1400MHz.
That gives it a significant memory bandwidth advantage compared to the 6800

4 RAM modules on the front of the card and 4 behind the

A pretty simple bundle comes along with the card, the driver
CD, a Delta Force Game CD, an S-video output cable, a VGA to DVI convertor,
and a rather thin instructions manual. I guess most users don’t look out for
much more if the price of the card is appropriate.