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Inno3D GeForce 6800 PCI-E

In the box

Along with the card itself, the inno3D 6800 comes with a TV out cable, a DVI to analog convertor, a instructional manual, and two CDs containing drivers and a copy of Colin McRae rally 04.This may not be much in comparison to the packages offered by other brands, but the lack of goodies directly help to decrease the price of the card. This can be both good and bad, depending on whether you’re the type of person who likes ‘free’ stuff , or the type who takes the hardware and discards the rest of the contents.


The bigger picture

Click for the even bigger picture.

The cooler supplied with the card is what you would normally see from a 6600GT or 6200. It is a single slot solution, and is made of aluminium. Most cards from the 6800 series have dual slot copper heatsinks with powerful (and noisy) fans. Luckily, the cooler was sufficient for the card, even while running in a single slot setup, and being overclocked. The cooler was also improved slightly as compared to the standard 6600/6200 cooler, having a foam shim and rubber feet to prevent damaging the core. The noise level of the cooler was quite high, and the fan ‘whined’ a lot. Click to download an mp3 comparing the cooler and HDD seeking noises.


Here you can see it in single-slot config. Just in case you wanted to know,
the other card is an EMU-0404 sound card, and the board you see is from a shuttle.


Notice the foam shim properly doing its job; the real core is not visible, and the shim is touching the heatsink in all areas

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