External features

A pictorial rundown:

TV-out, DVI, analog connectors.

SLI bridge connector and hynix 2.2ns rams

On the topmost picture, note that the analog connector’s reduced footprint is caused by the fact that the card was actually built for dual DVI, but later scaled back to an analog conector. This can be both good and bad, as those using older CRTs would not need to use a extra convertor (although its supplied with the card). However, the popularity of dual LCDs has been increasing rapidly, and those using such setups would probably be put off by the lack of dual DVI.

External features (or lack of)

This card is a much scaled down version of the 6800ultra, and looking at the PCB, many components originally meant for use on the ultra are missing. The picture shows various missing components, from chips to SMDs to the PCI-E power connector (bottom right). Would the lack of components affect performance adversely? Read on to find out.