Today, VR-Zone takes a look at Nvidia’s new King of the Hill, the Geforce 8800Ultra 768MB, courtesy of Inno3D. How will this card fare against the 8800GTX? Let’s take a look now.

Two weeks ago, we attended AMD’s launch on their R600 GPU in Malaysia and managed to get one of those monsters to show you guys it’s supposed prowess, only to be disappointed by its performance saddled back by immature drivers. At about the same time, Nvidia launched their latest top-of-the-line GPU, the Nvidia 8800 Ultra. The 8800 Ultra comes with a core clock that’s 36 MHz faster and a 180 MHz boost for the memory. All 8800 Ultra will also come with 0.8ns GDDR3 memory instead of the 1.0ns GDDR found on the GTX

With a similar core as the 8800GTX, exactly what more does this latest addition to the G80 family as to offer? We will take a brief look at its performance by pitting it against its predecessor, the 8800GTX.

First, let’s do a brief comparison of specs for the G80 family.

8800 Ultra
8800 GTX
8800 GTS
Stream Processors12812896
Core Clock (MHz)612575500
Shader Clock (MHz)150013501200
Memory Clock (MHz)1080900800
Memory Amount768MB768MB640MB or
Memory Interface384-bit384-bit320-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)103.786.464
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)39.236.824

Let’s go on to take a look at some ultra pictures.

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