The 8800 Ultra with a new cooler to accomodate the additional heat due to the higher clockspeeds. With this new cooler design, the ultra will be able to exhaust heat in and out of the casing. The concept is pretty similar to the 7800GTX-512/7900GTX cooler, except that this heatsink is significantly bigger this time. This improved design also ensures that the PWM components on the card is sufficiently cooled, something that is neglected on the cooler of the 8800GTX. Noise level is pretty similar to the 8800GTX.

The 8800Ultra emblem with the Inno3D sticker

Dual DVI ports and Fan exhaust

Comparison in length with the 8800GTX. same length, but the cooler sticks out of the card a bit, thus thinner cases might have some problem fitting this card in.

Accessories included.