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Inno3D nForce 680i & iChill 7900GS Combo!

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Enthusiast cooling – Boom or Bane?

For ardent fans of Inno3D graphic cards, they should know that Inno3D was once a traditional graphic firm that does solely cards that runs at stock speeds and a stock cooling solution at the same time. In the recent year or so, Inno3D has been trying to break this tradition by introducing custom solutions by companies such as Evercool and Zalman, but without much success as the products utilising these enthusiast grade cooling solutions are still marketed under the same Inno3D branding as the rest of the traditionally stock-cooled cards.

iChill – The enthusiast’s dream?

Today, Inno3D has successfully managed to capture the enthusiast’s heart with the introduction of the iChill branding, with the logo splashed at the beginning of the previous page. The iChill range of graphic cards will come with two different types of enthusiast cooling supplied by either Zalman or Arctic Cooling.

Let’s take a quick look at the cards available in the iChill series. Below are some screenshots taken from the Inno3D website.


How much do you like the iChill cards?

As you can see, the Zalman heatsinks are pretty generic, similar to those  Zalman coolers that you buy off the shelves in shops and online, but Inno3D has managed to strike a deal with Arctic Cooling to produce a NV Silencer 6 that has a black shroud and white blower instead of the usual clear shroud and black blower of the typical NV6 that you find in shops. Inno3D would have struck bullseye if the iChill was actually available in black PCB, and perhaps an anodised black expansion bracket as well… from the typical viewpoint of THE geek…heh. -_^

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