• USB 2.0 compliant
  • Built-in TV tuner (NTSC or PAL)
  • Input & Output Port
    • 1 x TV Antenna Input Port
    • 1 x S-Video Input Port
    • 1 x Audio Input Jack
    • 1 x Audio Output Jack
  • USB bus power
  • Dimension: 83mm(L) x 69mm(W) x 123mm(H)
  • Digital Video / Audio Recording
    • DVD (720×480-NTSC, 720×576-PAL)
    • SVCD (480×480-NTSC, 480×576-PAL)
    • VCD (352×240-NTSC, 352×288-PAL)

Designed with portability in mind, the plastic body of the
InnoDV TV-USB2! gives me the impression that it is going to be scratched or
broken easily. The useful leather jacket that came with the package do a good
job in making the whole product look more stylish and provide an addition
protection against knocks and drops.

The simple, yet thoughtful design of the jacket allows you to connect the device
without the need to remove the leather cover.