We had a chance to visit Cooler Master’s Taipei offices. Here is the long overdue article where you get to peek at what goes on behind the one defining brand for PC cooling solutions.

Click for the definitive tour of Cooler Master’s R&D facilities in Taipei.

Cooler Master Taipei Office Tour
Cooler Master should be a familiar name to many; how can anybody forget the revered ATCS casings and the popular range of “Hyper” CPU Heatsink Fans (HSFs)? During our earlier visit to Taipei, we had the opportunity to visit Cooler Master’s Taipei office. Cooler Master also has operations in various parts of the globe, including China and Europe.
Cooler Master takes up two floors of the Chung Cheng Road industrial complex it resides in. We’d be ignoring the floor that handles the administration and sales (that’s boring). Instead we’d tour the Research & Development (R&D) Department that does thermal solutions for retail and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. Cooler Master does have research facilities in other parts of the world catering to different products and needs. You can clearly imagine the sheer scale of things here.
The “mainboards” that you see in the above photographs are actually heat testing platforms provided by Intel. On these mainboard are socketed heat loads that simulate Intel processors on a mainboard environment. If you look closer at these heatloads, you’d notice a temperature probe residing in the recess of the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS).
We also had the opportunity to see an early version of the upcoming V6 HSF. The fins are deliberately slanted to maximise effective radiating area.
In another part of the laboratory we were able to find some customised fan testing equipment. Tools of the trade, no doubt!
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