In another part of the facility, we found a huge climate chamber where entire systems are dumped in for simulation and testing.
A long stretch of the facility was dominated by an elaborate airflow and air pressure measurement tool.
In one of the corners, we found a device that looked suspiciously like a camcorder.
Closer inspection reveals it to be thermal imaging device.
Cooler Master also has a wide range of Power Supply Units (PSUs) for server and PC application. The long workbench in the corner serves as the PSU testing area. Electronic loads occupy every other feet of the workbench.
Spotted was a GX 550W PSU. With a single +12V rail, this PSU is clearly aimed at the multi-GPU desktop computer.
Talking about graphics, Cooler Master also does an extensive range of graphics accelerator HSFs, in particular for the OEM market. We end off this article with this shot of a prototype graphics HSF basking in Taipei sunlight.
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