First there was Instagram and Hipstamtic. Now, there is the new iSupr8, which also adds retro filter effects; but to the videos you record.

Instragram and Hipstamatic have both proven to be extremely popular with the iOS crowd due to their common ability at adding retro filter effects to photographs taken on iOS devices.
Now, MEA Mobile has released the iSupr8, an App that adds to your iOS device the ability to record videos on “Super 8 mm film.” Retro effects and film-burn does for videos what Instagram and Hipstamatic have been doing for photographs.

This US$1.99 app applies a “Super 8 filter” and lets you record in 360p, 480p or 720p settings, with a shortcut for adding the captured footage to your camera roll. Of course, there is nothing quite like sharing your creations with friends and family, so shortcuts are included for you to share your masterpiece on Facebook, or email. 

For more information, visit the iSupr8 site.


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