Intel will soon unveil a 64-bit processor, which runs x86-based instructions in the native mode. The processor could see a possible introduction in mid-2004, with volume delivery in 2005. Some believe the x86-based 64-bit chip is the coming of the so-called “Yamhill’ processor–a product that runs both 32- and 64-bit instruction sets. The reported product from Intel is also similar to the 32/64-bit processor line from AMD. Intel faces some challenges to field an x86-based 64-bit processor line. It will take Intel close to one full year to build a support infrastructure of motherboards, chipsets and graphics accelerators, leaving the 2004 playing field wide open for Advanced Micro Devices. For 2004, Intel will largely sell 32-bit x86 Prescott, Dothan and Xeon server processors with AMD steadily transitioning to 64-bits.