Overclocker geared Haswell-K processor has better thermal dissipation.


Intel announced a new enthusiast-geared processor called Devil’s Canyon at the Game Developers Conference Wednesday in San Francisco and confirmed many of the previously already known details about updates to Broadwell and Haswell-E.


Devil’s Canyon is an enthusiast-class processor that’s compatible with Intel’s new series-9 chipset. It includes an enhanced Thermal Interface Material that promises improved heat dissipation for enthusiasts that want to do aggressive overclocking. Intel has yet to announce an exact model number for the part or what kind of clock speeds we can expect from it. These details will likely be announced at Computex in June.

Haswell-E and Broadwell

Intel also confirmed a number of already known details about Broadwell and Haswell-E.

Haswell-E will be supporting both the X-99 chipset, an upgrade from the X-79, as well as DDR-4.


For Broadwell, Intel announced that its debut chip on the 14nm process node will be including its Iris Pro graphics. This won’t help gamers that have discrete GPUs, but system builders after a low-to-mid range PC will benefit greatly. Iris Pro packs 48 execution units, which should make it equivalent to a GT3 GPU.


More details on all of these chips will be announced at Computex.



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