Today at its data center event in San Francisco, Intel’s Diane Bryant, who runs the company’s enterprise CPU business, announced a couple of new upcoming products aimed at keeping Intel’s dominance in the high margin server market.


  1. Avoton and Rangeley 22 nm server SoCs, the later one aimed at network devices, are multi core processors based on Silvermont Atom core, to be released by 4Q, likely around the same time as Xeon E5 v2. They either offer same performance as Centerton but in 2W power budget, or 5x that in the same 6W budget.
  2. Denverton 14 nm Atom server SoC, to be launched in late 2014, just as Broadwell processor
  3. For the first time, Broadwell SoC as well! So, single chip server solution will use high performance core too.


The implication? It may become nearly impossible for ARM, traditionally weak on compute per core performance, to catch up with Intel even in micro server space. Too bad it isn’t MIPS, with up to twice the power performance efficiency of ARM and much more fast compute oriented architecture.