Flipping the lid open, a VGA webcam sits atop the glossy 15.6-inch LCD screen. An interesting security feature: using the VGA webcam and ASUS’ SmartLogon, the user can actually log into Windows via facial recognition. Forget about keying passwords. Forget about finger-swiping too.

The 1366×768 resolution 15.6-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9. No more irritating black bars above and below your 720p movies. Full HD movies, will however be downsampled because there isn’t enough pixels on this display. Full HD capable 15.6-inch screens are still rare at this point of time.

Audio on this laptop is delivered by a pair of Altec Lansing speakers. The speakers are located at the front end of the laptop (nearest to the user), and are angled downwards.

We found the audio output to be a distinctive step above your typical tinny and high-pitched laptop speakers. It is able to handle a wide variety of music, from rock to instrumental. The built-in pair of Altec Lansings held up well even when driven to pretty loud volumes.