Wellsburg Chipset

With Haswell-E, Intel will introduce their new Wellsburg family of motherboard chipsets. The biggest new feature (and it’s really big) is the support for DDR4 RAM clocked up to 2133 MHz (of course, you can overclock and take it much further than that). The Wellsburg X-PCH will support a number of connectivity options:

  • Up to 6 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Up to 8 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Up to 10 x SATA 6 Gbps ports
  • Integrated Clock support
  • TDP of 6.5W


Quad-Channel DDR4 RAM

Here’s some more information related to RAM support, Wellsburg will only allow you to install DDR4 type RAM on the motherboard, with speed configurations being in steps of 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz and 2133 MHz. Something tells us that 2133 MHz will be the minimum speed of DDR4 kits that go on sale next year (enthusiasts won’t be going for any less anyway).

Quad-channel DDR4 RAM along with increased frequencies could lead to a near 50% increase in bandwidth compared to the older, triple-channel configuration which housed much more conservative RAM clock speeds.


The chipset will support low voltage (1.2V) DDR4 RAM kits (must be the 1333 MHz ones). The DIMM connector now has 288 pins (as opposed to 284 from earlier), the 4 additional pins added to support  NVDIMM modules. Good news is that both 284/288 pin RAM modules will be usable on motherboards with the 284 pin connector or the new 288 pin connector.