Samsung MeeGo

According to news reports, chip manufacturing giant Intel may be shifting its focus from MeeGo platform to smartphone and tablet development, and it was said that Korean company Samsung may be intending to take over the platform.

The MeeGo platform has suffered a huge blow, especially when Nokia has announced their Windows Phone in February this year. This means that the production quantity of MeeGo products will be diminished, especially when the majority of companies are going for Android and Windows platform instead. Intel has denied giving up on MeeGo, and the company expressed that it will continue to MeeGo development. However, it is questionable as to what future plans the chip maker would have for the platform. And even if the chip maker is still actively involved in MeeGo, the development looks to be stalled.

If Samsung should buy over the MeeGo system, it was speculated that it may not use the plaform directly, since the company already has its own Bada platform, alongside with Android and Windows Phone. It is likely that the company could integrate MeeGo with Bada, or we may see MeeGo-based devices in the near future.

Source: Ynet