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Intel High Definition Audio aka Azalia Specs

Intel’s next-generation audio specification, previously
codenamed "Azalia," has a new moniker: "Intel® High Definition Audio." High
Definition Audio brings CE-quality audio to the PC. It is designed to implement
a range of audio, modem and communications functionalities in PCs, handhelds and
consumer electronics (CE) devices. The name High Definition Audio is meant to
reflect the marriage of advanced audio capabilities in PCs and consumer

High Definition Audio will not only provide an enriched
playback experience but is intended to deliver a better-quality input for voice
and communication applications. The enablement of higher-quality audio is
attributed in part to an upgraded architecture and increased bandwidth that
allows for 192 kHz, 32-bit, multi-channel audio and support for evolving
high-quality audio formats. Other means are increased support for multi-channel
array microphones for higher quality input, dynamically allocated bandwidth and
audio device configuration flexibility.

The High Definition Audio specification is currently at the Rev. 0.9 level.
Intel expects to release the final specification by midyear under royalty-free
license terms. The technology will also be featured with the "Grantsdale"
chipset scheduled for release in the first half of 2004. High Definition Audio
architecture is designed on the same cost-sensitive principles as AC’97 and will
allow for an improved audio usage and stability level for onboard PC audio

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