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Intel is getting into the gesture game with acquisition of Omek

As Apple scoops up intellectual property relating to gesture-recognition, Intel is also investing in the field with the acquisition of gesture-recognition and tracking company Omek Interactive.


As news of a potential deal between Apple and the maker of the Kinect’s sensor hits the press, a report from Geektime says that Intel is also after a gesture-recognition technology company.

Sources that spoke to Geektime say that Intel has closing a deal with Israel-based Omek Interactive for $40 million. Reportedly, Samsung and Qualcomm were also interested in acquiring Omek but Intel got to it first.

“The acquisition of Omek Interactive will help increase Intel’s capabilities in the delivery of more immersive perceptual computing experiences,” Intel said in a statement.

Omek’s strategy is different from PrimeSense, the company that developed the Kinect 3D sensor that Apple is reportedly looking to buy, as it primarily develops software for 3D sensors as opposed to hardware (but it does have its own hardware offerings).Omek’s software can support both close-range and long-range tracking, allowing for hand gestures next to the monitor or a more Kinect-like experience of making gestures from across the room.

Intel has been long known to be working on Kinect like interfaces for the PC under their “perceptual computing” banner, but nothing concrete has yet to emerge. Perhaps the acquisition of Omek will change this.

Watch Omek’s technology in action

Source: Geektime

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