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Intel Launches Core i7 in Singapore

Several well-known shops at Sim Lim Square had also assembled some pretty nice looking rigs. Below, on the left is Bell Systems’ setup, and on the right is that of another shop which unfortunately could not be identified.

Cybermind also showcased a bright red rig which was, somewhat ironically, powered in the graphics department by two AMD cards in Crossfire mode.

And lastly, Fuwell’s system:

To top things off, Australian overclocker Tim Marshall was present and armed with a cylinder of liquid nitrogen.

With a little assistance from the Dark Side of the Force, he was able to hit 5Ghz on the top-end Core i7 Extreme 965.

Do check out our preview of the Core i7 Extreme, and also look out for our upcoming reviews of motherboards based on the Core i7’s companion chipset, the X58.

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