Intel Haswell (5)

Continuing with their yearly refresh, Intel announced their fresh new lineup of processors for mobile as well as desktops based on the company’s latest Haswell core microarchitecture.

Intel follows a very efficient strategy called Tick-Tock. Every Tick is a die shrink, while every Tock is an architectural change or something like that. This strategy has been proven very efficient historically, allowing Intel to first test new architectural features and then shrink them into a smaller process the successive year (in accordance to Moore’s Law), instead of taking a big risk and doing both at the same time (history has taught us not to do that). Since there are a number of new models being launched, we thought putting them all together under one page would really help those wanting to compare the various models and their features.

Here’s the desktop line-up:

Intel Haswell (9)

Intel Haswell (10)

Intel Haswell (11)

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