Intel developed their Haswell microarchitecture keeping power efficiency in mind. Haswell consumes lesser power while performing (slightly) better than the previous generation, all the while being made on the same 22 nm 3D Tri-gate transistors and having a larger die size as well (largely thanks to the beefier GPU). Which brings us to the other core focus of Haswell, graphics performance. While most of the SKUs come with the weak(er) HD 4600 GPU, the real gem is the Iris and Iris Pro GPU, with the latter having access to dedicated eDRAM (128 MB) for a high memory bandwidth of 50 GB/s. This is Intel’s solution to the memory bandwidth problem faced by putting a GPU and CPU on the same die.

Intel Haswell (12)

Intel Haswell (13)

Intel Haswell (14)

Intel Haswell (15)

You may go through the official Haswell slides provided by Intel. We’ve included only a couple of them which should help you understand Haswell better, as well as give you a glimpse of the IGP’s capability.

Prices listed by Intel are only applicable when you order a 1000 units. For actual selling prices, head over to Newegg.