Drives in the new SSD 730 series come with an overclocked controller and can achieve 470 MB/s writes.


With the SSD 730 series, Intel is courting gamers and DIY enthusiasts once again.

The drives in this series are very similar to what Intel offered in the enterprise segment with the SSD DC S3500 Data Center SSD. The products in the SSD 730 series also feature Intel’s third generation 6 Gbps controller and the same 20nm NAND flash memory that was used in the SSD DC S3500. However, Intel has overclocked the controller by 50 percent and the NAND clocks by 20 percent, but there still isn’t the ability for users to directly overclock the SSD controller.

The drives come with enterprise-level consistency in terms of performance and can undertake writes of up to 70GB every day for 5 years without failing. The drives come in two variants: 240 GB and 480 GB. The read/write numbers for the 240 GB version are 550/270 MB/s while the 480 GB variant can achieve 550/470 MB/s. Read latency is low at 50µs for the 240 GB variant and 65µs for the 480 GB model. The drives also feature a skull motif, which is a throwback to Intel’s Skulltrail gaming platform.

Intel has announced that the drives will be available from March 18, with a suggested retail of $249 for the 240 GB version and $489 for the 480 GB variant.

Source: Intel