IS7-G BIOS Features

IS7-G is using Phoenix AwardBIOS and enhanced with SoftMenu Setup where you can adjust the FSB, PCI and AGP ratios, Voltages etc. IS7-G was flashed with the IS7G13 BIOS dated 10th of June supporting Game Accelerator.

Game Accelerator offers a choice between “Auto”, “Turbo”, “Street racer” and “F1” so users can optimize their system performance according to their memory modules. The different modes of the Game Accelerator will set the Refresh Cycle Time, tRD, tRD Adj and CPC. F1 is naturally delivers the best performance here and i have no problems selecting this option using the Corsair XMS3200 TwinX memory modules.

The ABIT SoftMenu indeed offers a great set of features for performance tweaking and overclocking. It allows FSB adjustment from 100-412Mhz in 1Mhz intervals, tweakable individual memory timings (CAS, Trcd, Tras, Trp), CPU:DRAM ratios of 1:1, 5:4 and 3:2, VCore up to 1.925V, VAGP up to 1.65V, VDIMM of up to 2.8V and Game Accelerator. Certainly i do hope ABIT can increase the VDIMM voltage more preferably to at least 3V since higher VDIMM will allow better stability under high memory FSB .