The sample we have received is an
engineering sample of the Pentium 4 3.2EGhz processor with batch code/spec
QK34ES. There will be three 300mm fabs producing these 90nm chips to support
fast ramping.


(Left to right : Prescott 3.2E, P4 EE
3.2Ghz, Northwood 3.2Ghz)

(Left to right : Prescott 3.2E, P4 EE
3.2Ghz, Northwood 3.2Ghz)

The capacitors layout on the back
on the Prescott is very different compared to the Extreme Edition and Northwood.


Processor & Core Frequency
VCore Voltage (V)
Thermal Design Power (W)

The Prescott processors feature
lower VCore voltage but higher TDP compared to the Northwood therefore the
thermal requirements for Prescott are more demanding than before now. Thermal
solutions like Chassis and Heatsink must provide sufficient cooling to Prescott
for compliant to Intel standard..


An Intel reference cooler for
Prescott with a copper core and a fan speed of about 2500rpm


This huge Kamakaze cooler is from
Scythe Japan.
It has a copper base with Scythe heatsink and an adjustable fan to control the
fan speed. This silent and high performance cooler is a good choice which we
will be using for overclocking the Prescott.


Thermal profile


Intel Prescott has a new thermal
profile specifications implemented with TCASEMAX specified across a
range of power dissipation levels. New TCONTROL parameter defined
to be used for fan speed control as such fan speed can be reduced when thermal
diode temp is below TCONTROL.

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