The Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 with Dual-Core Technology was
the highlight of the day of course.


It was heavily scrutinized in the 4 main areas of usage:


Through a large pletora of benchmarks, ie 3 synthetic, 3 media management,
5 content creation, 1 home studio, and 5 gaming benchmarks, the performance
advantage the dual-core technology offers is carefully examined, with up to
2.4x the performance advantage in situations that heavily demands multi-task/multi-thread


Video interviews with Game developers such as Tim Sweeney of the Unreal Tournament
Engine fame were played, showing their excitement over the Multi-Core technology
of Intel and how it is going to improve gameplay.


The Quad-thread ability of the Dual-core of course shines brightly in situations
such as playing games with Personal Video Recording with Showshifter and Ultra
TV in the background.


Intel representatives put to ease concerns over thermal dissipation and power
consumption of the Dual-Core processors by confirming that these were within
range of the present management means of conventional air-cooling.