Buoyed by the holiday season’s strong demand, Intel narrowed
its fourth-quarter revenue estimate toward the high end of its previous
forecast. But the semiconductor giant also warned of a $ 600 million charge.
Intel expects revenue to be between $ 8.5 billion and $ 8.7 billion. In October,
the company predicted sales would be $ 8.1 billion to $ 8.7 billion. The company
does not announce profit estimates. Its core microprocessor business — the
Intel Architecture Group — is "experiencing solid seasonal growth."

Meanwhile, its communications chip business is on track with
expectations. Intel’s microprocessor sales are not only benefiting from the
overall strength of the computer market but also a shift in the popularity of
notebooks, which carry a higher profit margin for the computer makers and
component providers like Intel. Intel has been heavily marketing its Centrino
mobile technology brand, which includes a processor as well as a chip set and
radio for wireless communications.