Bay Trail-T benchmark shows that Intel is bringing some serious competition to the mobile game.

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Intel’s Francois Piednoel has posted the first benchmark of his company’s Atom Z3770 chip — and its mighty impressive.

The 32-bit quad-core chip, clocked at 1.47GHz, scores 1.47 pts on Cinebench. This is three times the performance of the dual-core Atom Z2760, and roughly 86 percent of the performance of a dual-core Sandy Bridge chip running at 2.2 GHz.   In comparison, AMD’s Kabini A4-5000, with four cores clocked at 1.5GHz, scores only a fraction higher at 1.5pts.

For the sake of context, a Core i7 Haswell ultabook will score 2.46 on Cinebench.

Much more on Bay Trail is expected at IDF next week in San Francisco.


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