Intel has quietly made available the first member of what next year will become a new generation of mobile Celeron processors. The chipmaker has begun shipping a new 800MHz “ultra low voltage” Celeron chip to tablet PC manufacturers such as Motion Computing. It makes sense for Intel to release the 800MHz ultra low voltage Celeron chip now because it can replace the Pentium III-M chip and, at the same time, complement the Pentium M by working with the same supporting chips. It also shares the Pentium M’s 400MHz bus, or data pipeline. The new 800MHz chip has a 512KB cache, half that of the Pentium M, and also runs at a much lower clock speed. Intel will officially launch the Pentium M-based Celeron line in the first quarter. The Celeron chip will be offered alongside a new version of the Pentium M, dubbed Dothan, that’s also expected to come in notebooks in the first quarter.