We have gotten hold of a 65nm Yonah CPU featuring 667MHz FSB,
2MB shared L2 cache and VT where Intel is slated to release in January next
year. This Yonah Dual-core CPU is clocked at 2.16GHz and has T1600 processor
number and will be selling for $ 637 USD. As we know, Intel is launching a new
processor number system for Yonah where the first alpha prefix denotes power
class; E: TDP power ¡Ý 50W, T: TDP power 25W to 49W , L: TDP power 15W to 24W, U:
TDP power ¡Ü14W while the last 4 digits represents performance related features
which means higher is better. T1600 will be the highest speed Dual-core Yonah
when launched while T1700 clocked at 2.33GHz will follow up in H2 next year.
Chipsets supporting Yonah are 945GM, 945PM, 945GMS Express.