Intel’s presence in the Smartphone field is still too small to make an impact on ARM, but the company hopes to change that by speeding up development for future mobile Atom chips.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

How many ARM based chips are released every year, okay just take half a year into account? And how new Intel mobile chips (Atom) are released in the same time frame? Great, now that the answer is in your head, read this. Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich declared that he isn’t particularly happy with the slow pace release of new Atom chips that go up against their biggest competitor, ARM. Krzanich says that the situation could change under his watch pretty soon.

“We see that Atom is now at the same importance, it’s launching on the same leading edge technology, sometimes even coming before Core (Intel’s line of PC chips),” said Krzanich.

“We are in the process of looking at all of our roadmaps and evaluating the timing of some of those products. It’s fair to say there are things we would like to accelerate.”

Intel Mobile Atom chip development

Of course, Intel will have to cut down their profits on selling chips if they hope to make a dent in the market. Competitors like Qualcomm sell their flagship SoCs at a fraction of the cost of Atom chips, and until that changes, OEMs will simply refuse to pick an x86 Atom chip that costs more and reduces their margins over a much cheaper ARM based solution.

via Reuters