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Interview with Gigabyte United

VR-Zone has a nice opportunity to talk to Rockson Chiang, the Technical Marketing Manager of newly formed Gigabyte United Inc. to learn about their direction for this year and the upcoming motherboards we can expect to see from them. Interesting information revealed inside.

VR-Zone has a nice opportunity to talk to Rockson Chiang, the
Technical Marketing Manager of newly formed Gigabyte United Inc. to learn about
their direction for this year and the upcoming motherboards we can expect to see
from them.

Now you are under Gigabyte United officially so what’s your job there?
Does ASUS remains as your main competitor?

I’m the technical marketing manager. ASUS is still our main competitor.

The focus of Gigabyte United for this year? AMD or Intel? What is their
ratio like?

The focus for Gigabyte United this year is still on Intel as there are lots of
new innovations coming out for this year so watch out for them. The ratio should
be around 80% for Intel and 20% for AMD.

Why doesn’t Gigabyte makes Conroe supporting 975X boards?

It’s due to our product strategy. 975X as a high-end (costly) chipset. We don’t
see high volume for this chipset yet and we are able to deliver a similar or
even better product than 975X with P965.

How well is your 965 series faring? ASUS has came out with P5BE Plus and they
are pretty well received so far. What do you have to compete against that?

As for our 965 series~~ it covers around 30% of GIGABYTE Intel platform models
which is around 25% of total shipment for Channel. As for Asus P5BE Plus.
Instead of saying how do we compete with them, i would rather say they are
competing with us. As you might know GIGABYTE had introduced All-solid Caps
models on P965 platform before any other players in the market and we received a
very high recommendation world-wide. In addition with about 2 weeks earlier time
shipment to market ahead of Asus, they had suffered lost of P965 market so
that’s why they came out this P5BE Plus model trying to compete with our

Regarding the solid capacitors, who came out with the idea? will all the
boards from now on use solid caps? What’s the cost like over the normal ones?

Our C.E.O Mr. Johnson Lin who used to head the R&D team came out with the idea.
We currently have introduced 965 / 945 chipset series mb with all solid caps. We
will further implement to new coming platforms.. example : N680SLI-DQ6 .. etc.
The cost added for having solid caps on ATX board is USD $ 7 , m-ATX $ 5. But in
the meanwhile we also have non-solid caps boards for market segmentation.. for
those countries which are very price sensitive.

For the benefits of the readers who don’t know the new Gigabyte boards
naming. What do DS3, DS4 and DQ6 mean? the D, the S and the number?

D stands for Ultra Durable.. (All solid caps design)
S are the features Safe, Smart, Speed, SLI, Silent Pipe
Q for Quad for eg. DQ6 = Durability, 6 Quad Features
S3 = Safe, Smart, Speed
S5 = Safe, Smart, Speed, Silent Pipe, SLI
S2 = Safe, Smart

Readers can find all the information here :




To maintain the lead, what are the upcoming models we can expect from

We are introducing all-solid cap design down to 945 platforms and we are
releasing a new series of P965 rev 3.3 boards with native FSB 1333 support.

The entire 965 line for native 1333FSB support?

Only on P965 boards. Not on G965 due to chipset limitations.

Who thought of this idea?

Our CEO Mr. Johnson Lin of course

So all the P965 boards will have revision 3.3 and will be called for eg.
GA-965P-DS3 rev 3.3? or they will be called with another abbreviation or name?

GA-965P-DS3 rev 3.3. Other models include : GA-965P-DS4 rev 3.3 GA-965P-S3
rev 3.3 GA-965P-DQ6 rev 3.3

What’s the price between between the revision 3.3 and the older revisions?

No price differences 🙂

What will happen to older models when rev 3.3 comes out?

Gigabyte revision 3.3 boards will be out end of this month.
For the older models, we will have to depend on our customers’ inventory.
However, since we had been planning the transition months ago. The inventory
level of our customers are pretty low, and it’s the right time to phase in new
models to market.

How about the performance compared to other models?

Well I think our previous models had already shown its potential performance.
As for the new models, we had leverage the performance and further provide a
future specification. Our key purpose is to provide users a newer generation
functionality instead of focusing only on performance.

How about the BIOS features and overclocking?

There will be more BIOS features for eg. a new 2.5x mem multiplier. As FSB 1333
CPU is not a launch product at the moment, I can’t say too much about the final
launch CPU. However, we are expecting similar OC-bility same as current Core 2
Duo. I think we have already reached the 965 chipset limitation so we are actually providing the future upgrade

Will it support 45nm Penryn then?

I can’t determine that because I haven’t gotten that CPU yet.

What did you do to get native 1333FSB support on your 965P revision 3.3

So far only 975X can support 1333FSB. We tried unlocking 1333FSB through BIOS
but the end results are not ideal. Therefore, we re-routed the circuitry and
added more components. However, 965 still lacks 975x of the dual graphics 2 x
PCIe x8 bandwidth.

Personally i think revision 3.3 is quite a breakthrough.

Of course. GIGABYTE as a major channel provider, we have to watch the market
very deeply

So Gigabyte is the only brand that can run 1333FSB Conroe when the boards are
launched. How soon do you think your competitors will follow suit?

I would rather not say “only” but “First in the market”. Our competitors are
smart too 🙂

How’s your Bearlake boards development coming along?

We are seeing great development for the Bearlake products and we will showcase
our latest models during Cebit’07.

Anything that you wish to tell our readers?

GIGABYTE motherboards will be very focusing on providing the best quality
products and features.

Check out next page for the performance of Core 2 Duo E6750 (1333FSB) vs
E6700 (1066FSB) and the differences between Gigabyte revision 3.3 and revision
2.0 boards!

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