Military scientists in Britain plan to ready “invisible” tanks for real-world usage in five years. “Invisible” tanks to use new camouflage called “e-camouflage” to blend in with surroundings.

Sounds like a scene right out of a James Bond movie – tanks becoming invisible at the push of a button. Unsurprisingly, it’s the British who are behind this new innovation.

British military scientists are hard at work, with plans to use “e-camouflage” to render a tank “invisible”. By combining environmental sensors and “electronic ink”, a tank can be made to blend in with its surroundings at the push of a button. Sensors around the hull of the tank collect images of the environment around the tank, and deploys this “electronic ink” to fill up the body panels of the tank, in a pattern that will match its surroundings precisely, thus making the tank “invisible”.

Though this technology is novel and all, it is rather impractical in the face of war.The electronics will be at the mercy of dirt and the elements, and under such conditions, are prone to failure.

Such tanks will be useful under covert operations, but in war where other technologies like infrared heat sensors are being deployed, “invisible” tanks are no less vulnerable to attacks than normal ones.

Source: The Telegraph