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INX Waterproof SD & YouSD II Cards

INX SD Card 512MB

The 512MB model is, apart from being waterproof, pretty much a run-of-the-mill SD Card. There’s nothing much to say about it, so let’s move on to the more exciting parts.


The YouSD II series has USB connectivity built into the SD card itself. This removes the need for a SD card reader, and allows you to access the SD card’s data virtually anywhere, since nearly all computers have a USB port.

INX achieves this functionality by using the other end of the YouSD card as a USB connector. Slide the cover off, and voila!

The YouSD card can now fit into a USB port as shown in the picture. No additional drivers are required (except for older operating systems like Windows 98), since the device identifies itself as a USB Mass Storage Device.

The YouSD card does seem fragile while plugged in this way, because the connector is a tad small for the USB port, allowing the card to move around a little even when plugged fully in. There is also the possibility of the YouSD card being accidentally pushed while plugged in, causing the connector to snap and break off.

Also, if your USB ports are horizontally aligned and right next to one another like in the picture, you won’t be able to use the adjacent ports. This is because the SD card is decidedly wider than the USB port, however slim it may be on the other axis.

Another problem we found was that the USB connector cover tended to become detached when the card was being removed from the SD interface, requiring us to pull the rest of the card out by the USB connector. This shouldn’t be a major problem though if you pull the card out by the top and bottom surfaces instead of the edges.

Aditionally, users would have to take care not to lose the USB connector cover, as it is even smaller than the SD card.

Despite the apparent vulnerabilities and flaws of this design, I would say that INX has done a good job with the added connectivity, and it is still a big step up over the normal design.

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