Enough look at synthetic graphs and numbers.

Let’s take a look at real world performance.

First, we transfer a 656MB Video File from our Seagate SATA
Hard Drive to the IOMega drive. We compare the speed of the transfer with PATA
to SATA and SATA to SATA transfer of the same file on the same system.

We see that the write speed on this Disk is a bit slow compared
to SATA and PATA 7,200RPM hard disks, which is to be expected as it’s just a
5,400RPM drive after all.

Next, we perform the reverse and copy the same file from the IOMega
to the SATA.

The read speed is significantly faster.

Next, we try accessing data on the drive, in comparison to the
SATA and PATA drives.

We load up a cache-intensive game Unreal Tournament 2004 and record
the time it takes.

Not a noticable difference from the 7,200RPM drive for sure!