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iOS 7.1 battery drain bug irks users, no fix in sight

It appears that there’s a bug in iOS 7.1 causing battery drain, users are obviously not happy.


One would expect that after spending several months in the beta stage the update would come with no major bugs. On the contrary, a lot of users have taken to Apple’s official support forums to complain about the battery on their devices draining faster than usual.

iOS 7.1 was released for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models last week. It is the first major update for Apple’s revamped mobile platform ever since iOS 7.0 was released late last year. Several incremental updates were released in between mostly to fix bugs. iOS 7.1 brings few user interface tweaks, a couple of new features and various improvements. It was put through a rigorous and lengthy beta stage to ensure that when it was publicly released no major bugs would trouble users.

Apple’s support forums are filled with user complaints about faster battery drain. Some even claim that their device is losing one percent every ten minutes. Many have even taken to Twitter, complaining about how updating to iOS 7.1 hasn’t exactly been the best experience for them. There has been no response from Apple, so its unclear right now if the company is investigating possible causes. It is also too soon to say if it has started working on a fix.

Some users claim that there is a way to fix this. That requires users to do a clean install of iOS 7.1 on their device. Normally iOS updates are downloaded over-the-air and installed automatically. For a clean install, users need to hook up the device to iTunes and restore it to the latest firmware version. Have any of you been facing similar issues after updating to iOS 7.1? Has a clean install worked for you?

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